30-06 “30 CAL M2 AP” Armor Piercing

I tested these US Military rounds manufactured in 1942 at the Twin Cities Ordnance Plant against reinforced concrete, AR500 plate, mild steel, and heavy timber.  The 30 Cal M2 AP rounds feature a manganese-molybdenum penetrating core inside of a copper jacket with lead filler for a total projectile weight of about 165 grains.  These are typically identified by a black tip.




Origin USA, Twin Cities Ordinance Plant   Propellant WC 852, 55 grains
Mfg. Date 1942   Pressure Chamber 54,000 psi
Length Complete Round 3.34 inches   Velocity 2715 fps 78 ft from Muzzle
Projectile Weight 165 gr, Length 1.40 inches   Core Hardness 785 Hv (712 Brinell, est.)
Core (1942+) Manganese-Molybdenum      
Firearm Sears Model 52 (Winchester 70)   Type Bolt Action, 22″ Barrell

Penetration Results:

Material Penetration Depth (non pass through) Completely Penetrated (pass through)
AR500 Plate 0.319 inches 3/8″ AR500
Mild Steel 1.000 inches 1″ Mild Steel
Concrete 3.392 inches 4″ Reinforced Concrete
Timber 15.215 inches 13″ Solid Dense Log