7.62×39 Golden Bear soft point test results

I tested this round in numerous videos over time. It has been tested for expansion in Ballistic Gel ( video ), Water ( video ), and Pizza Dough ( video ) with varying results. It exhibited good expansion in water, but no expansion in calibrated ballistic gel, which is concerning. These tests are documented in the videos above.


It would appear that the Bear branded soft point rounds require something less viscous than ballistics gel to expand. I base this on the fact it expanded nicely in the water test while the same ammo batch completely failed to expand in ballistics gel. I would hypothesize that since other brands expanded well in this gel that this Bear ammo is simply not very sensitive to high viscosity materials and, as a result, offers limited performance.

Ballistics gel is designed to mimic swine tissue, which resembles the consistency of human muscle.


From what I can tell Golden Bear, Brown Bear, and Silver Bear are all the same except the finish of the steel cartridge case. Laquered, Brass Plated, and Zinc plated respectively. In other words Brown bear hollow points should be the same as Golden bear hollow points, etc.

 762x39-Golden-Bear-Soft-Point-SpecSheetThe case is brass plated steel, berdan primed, and is non corrosive.


Origin Russia Propellant Unknown Extruded Stick Type
Headstamp 7,62×39 and logo Pressure Unknown
Length (OAL)  2.187″ Velocity 2,316 fps (WASR-10 AK)
Case Material Brass plated  Steel Primer Berdan, Non-Corrosive
Projectile Weight 117.5 gr., Length 0.869 in. Jacket bi-metal/steel jacketed
Core Material Lead Core Size N/A
Core Hardness
Firearm WASR-10 AK (Semi Auto)


Penetration Results:


BALLISTIC GEL:  (VIDEO) No expansion after traveling through all 32″ of calibrated ballistic gel.  (Two 16″ blocks).  3 tests were done, one with 4 layers of denim and two with none.  Same results.

WATER: (VIDEO) Expanded, photo below.



This is modern production ammo from Russia. It is marketed to civilian consumers through standard retail outlets. Typically found in retail boxes of 20 rounds, it is also available in spam cans.