7.62×39 Ulyanovsk 8M3 Effect Hollow Point


I tested this 8M3 hollow point round against clear ballistics gel.   It proved highly effective, releasing its energy behind the 12″ mark.  Good expansion and fragmentation.

762x39 Ulyanovsk 8M3 effect Hollow Point SpecSheet

The 118.5 grain bullet is a lead core hollow point with a magnetic bi-metal jacket.  The 8M3 jacket has scores on the inside to help facilitate expansion.


The case is a laquered steel, berdan primed case charged with 24.0 grains of an extruded stick type powder and a berdan primer.

Origin Russia, 1998 Propellant Unknown Extruded Stick Type
Headstamp 7.62×39 98 Pressure Unknown
Length (OAL) Velocity 2,385 fps (WASR-10 AK)
Case Material Laquered  Steel (magnetic) Primer Berdan, Non-Corrosive
Projectile Weight 118.5 gr., Length 0.887 in. Jacket Magnetic bi-metal hollow point
Core Material Lead Core Size N/A
Core Hardness
Firearm WASR-10 AK (Semi Auto)


Penetration Results:

The bullet fragments did not exceed 12″ in calibrated ballistic gel.


Photos and Packaging:

These came in a cardboard carton containing smaller 20 round boxes.  Labeled “Made to Hunting Specification.”