7.62×39 Wolf Hollow Point test results

I tested this round for expansion in Ballistic Gel. It exhibited good and reliable expansion.


I tested this Ulyanovsk 8HP L.C.B. hollow point round against clear ballistics gel.   …

The case is polymer coated steel, berdan primed.

Origin Russia Propellant Unknown Extruded Stick Type
Headstamp 7,62×39 Pressure Unknown
Length (OAL) Velocity 2,331 fps (WASR-10 AK)
Case Material Polymer coated  Steel Primer Berdan, Non-Corrosive
Projectile Weight 123 gr., Length 0.869 in. Jacket bi-metal/steel jacketed  hollow point
Core Material Lead Core Size N/A
Core Hardness
Firearm WASR-10 AK (Semi Auto)


Penetration Results:

The bullet fragments did not exceed 21.5″ in depth.


Wolf is consumer ammunition and comes in retail boxes of 20 rounds, and “spam cans” of 32 boxes equaling 640 rounds.


Wolf is ammunition that seems to perform well.  Even though the jacket is steel it does actually expand unlike some of the other inexpensive brands. (Herter’s and Bear)