7.62x54r 147 gr Steel Core, Silver Tip, Bulgarian

7.62x54r Bulgarian Silver Tip Steel Core 147 gr Specifications

I tested this round against reinforced concrete, AR500 plate, mild steel, and timber. These came in a wooden crate of 880 rounds consisting of two spam cans 440 rounds each containing 20 round packs wrapped in brown paper and string. These were manufactured in Bulgaria in 1971. Each round consists of a copper washed steel case with a corrosive berdan primer and approximately 48.9 grains of an unknown extruded stick type smokeless propellant. The bullet contains a mild steel core, lead filler, and a bi-metal jacket. Both the core and the jacket are magnetic. This particular round has a headstamp of 10/71 and is marked with a painted silver tip.

Origin Bulgaria, 1971 Propellant Unknown Extruded Stick Type
Headstamp 10/71 Pressure Unknown
Length (OAL) 3.192 in. Velocity 2794 fps (semi) 2854 fps (bolt)
Case Material Copper Washed Steel Primer Berdan, Corrosive
Projectile Weight 146.5 gr., Length 1.220 in. Jacket bi-metal (magnetic) Silver Tip
Core Material Mild Steel (magnetic) Core Size 69.4 gr, (l) 0.911 in x (w) 0.238 in.
Core Hardness 130 HB (Brinell Hardness)
Firearm PSL 54c (Semi Auto)


Penetration Results:

7.62x54r 147 gr Steel Core Silver Tip penetration results Bulgarian

Material Penetration Depth (non pass through) Completely Penetrated (pass through)
AR500 Plate 0.024 in. None: AR500
Mild Steel 0.529 in. 0.5 inch mild steel plate
Concrete 2.602 in. 4 inch reinforced concrete
Timber 14.161 in. 13″ Solid Dense Log

7.62x54r 147 ge Bulgarian Steel Core Silver Tip recovered penetrating cores

 Photos and Packaging:

These came packaged in a wooden crate containing 880 rounds in two sealed cans. Each “spam can” contained 440 rounds in paper wrapped packages of 20 each tied with string. A can opener was included inside the crate, screwed to the inside of the lid. The crate and the cans each had a silver rectangle painted on them which indicated the color of the bullet tips. The “circle 10″ on the crate and can indicate Bulgarian origin. When pierced the can hissed indicating it was air tight.

7.62x54r 147 gr Bulgarian Steel Core Silver Tip Packaging 1 Crate7.62x54r 147 gr Bulgarian Steel Core Silver Tip Packaging 2 Spam Can7.62x54r 147 gr Bulgarian Steel Core Silver Tip Packaging 3 Paper Wrapped Cartridges7.62x54r 147 gr Bulgarian Steel Core Silver Tip Packaging 4 Examination