7.62x54r Czech 46 gr. featherweight training ammo

Here is some fun and interesting ammo.  This is Czechoslovakian made 7.62x54r ammo with a very light 46 grain bullet.  It produces very little recoil and a very high velocity.7.62x54r_czech_46gr_training_ammo

This came packaged in boxes of 15 rounds, with a total of 648 rounds to a carton of 54 boxes, seen below.7.62x54r_czech_46gr_training_ammo_carton

Both the case and the bullet are steel and attracted to a magnet.  The cutaway below shows that this featherweight projectile is constructed of two steel ‘jackets’ that encompass each other leaving the center completely hollow. 7.62x54r_czech_46gr_training_bullet_cutaway_1

 This image shows the projectile in various states of disassebmly.  From right to left:  Intact bullet, cutaway, inner jacket, outer jacket.7.62x54r_czech_46gr_training_bullet_cutaway

The steel case has a lacquer finish and is berdan primed.7.62x54r_czech_46gr_training_berdan_primer

These particular specimens carry a headstamp of 63 bxn which indicated a manufacture date of 1963 and Czechoslovakian origin.7.62x54r_czech_46gr_training_ammo_bxn_headstamp

In the video at the top of this page I tested this round against numerous targets including books and steel.  Shown below we can see these light and hollow rounds blasted right through 1/4″ steel plate and made quite a crater in 1/2″ plate. 7.62x54r_czech_46gr_training_steel_penetration

When shot into ballistic gel the rounds deflected easily and always came out the side of the blocks shortly after entering.  The deflection is surely due to the lack of mass. 

When shot into a stacked row of hard cover books it penetrated approximately 6 inches.

These rounds were tested at a relatively short range so I cannot make any comments about long range accuracy but I have heard they suffer in that arena.

Bullet Weight 46.4 gr Hollow steel jacket, White tip
Bullet Diameter 0.311″  
Bullet Length 0.675″  
Propellant 46.7 gr Extruded stick type powder
Case Steel Lacquered
Primer Berdan Corrosive
Headstamp 63 bxn  
Origin 1963 Czechoslovakia
Velocity 3490 fps Mosin Nagant