Casting & Loading 7.62×39

7.62×39 isn’t a round that you would traditionally see topped with a lead cast bullet.  One might even go so far as to say that 7.62×39 isn’t a common round to handload at all.  In-fact there are many reasons to cast and handload  this cartridge.  To name a few…

  • In times of shortage casting bullets or loading your own 7.62×39 ammo may be a necessity.
  • There are many 7.62×39 firearms besides the SKS and AK rifles, some have smaller .308 bores, a great reason to hand load.
  • The Ruger Mini 30 is said to be finicky when it comes to cheap ammo, premium retail ammo or hand loads are preferred.
  • The CZ 527 and Zastava M85 bolt action 7.62×39 rifles are sure to benefit from custom loads.

Awhile back I decided to whip up a batch of lead cast 7.62×39 to try in a regular old WASR-10 AK.  While I wouldn’t normally go through the trouble for an AK… things went just fine!   Video Here.