DIY Simple Quick-Swap Reloading Press Mount

As the years go by I have realized the benefit of a clean and organized work area.  That’s not to say that I don’t often end up wallowing in a mess but I have found ways to assist myself in maintaining order such as being able to easily swap between my two primary reloading presses rather than having them both mounted at once.  My two go-to presses are…

1. RCBS Rock Chucker
2. Lyman Spart-T Turret Press


The first issue was the workbench itself.   The particle board surface isn’t the most efficient material so I lag bolted a scrap of 1-1/8″ thick plywood it down into the 2×4 frame beneath.  This provided me with a nice rigid surface.  I painted the plywood a nice gray color by mixing black and white Rustoleum enamel paint.  This paint makes a nice rugged washable surface that is easy to see small parts on.


Taking a step back – prior to mounting the plywood I strategically drilled and inserted four carriage bolts up through.  The heads of the bolts are sandwiched between the workbench surface and the plywood with the heads countersunk into the bottom of the plywood so it would sit flush.  As seen in the inset above the carriage bolts have a square section that bites into the wood and prevent them from turning freely.


In the photo above you can see how the two presses sit at slightly different positions to hit the proper bolts.  There are four bolts of which three are always used and one unused.  The unused bolt does not seem to get in the way of work.


Normally a press mounts with two bolts, which seem to behave as a fulcrum on which the press pivots and flexes.  I incorporated a third fastener towards the rear of each press simply consisting of a thick washer that overlaps the base.  This increased rigidity so much that wing nuts, finder tightened, produce a very rugged mount.

There are modular mounting systems available in the consumer market but so far I have found this system to meet my needs well and the price is right at only a couple bucks worth of hardware.