GUN BUILD: KGKT 7.62X54R Beltfed – Project Index

KGKT Work in Progress
Mock-up of the KGKT build


The Hungarian KGK is a variant of the Russian SG-43 and SGM Heavy Machine guns that feed 7.62x54r ammunition from non disintegrating metallic belts.  The KGKT is a vehicle mounted version.  This kit from Apex Gun Parts was torch cut to bits.  I invite you to follow me through this project from trash to treasure!  I’ll be adding information as I make progress.

Reference Information
KGKT Project – Section Index
  1. The KGKT kit
  2. Compliance modifications
  3. The welding jig
  4. Welding front receiver piece
  5. Setting headspace
  6. Welding center of receiver
  7. Welding rear of receiver (coming soon)
  8. Machining receiver welds (coming soon)
  9. Blending the welds (coming soon)